We are extremely proud of the outstanding level of service we provide our clients, the quality of our trainers and our broad range of courses. In the search for continuous improvement we request feedback from all delegates attending ARC Training courses, whether they have been in the UK, through one of our international partners, or in-house within your organisation.

If you have already attended one of our courses we would like to thank you for your continued custom. If you are thinking of attending one of our courses for the first time then we hope the testimonials from existing clients demonstrate the level of feedback we enjoy receiving.

What people say about us

  • I would like to extend my thanks to you and to your team. I learned a lot on that training and I hope to see you all again soon. Once again thank you very much.

    S. M. S. Security Management Stage 1,
  • This training was practical and improved my skills.

    A. A. Crime Prevention and Security Design,
  • Excellent.

    A. M. L. Security Management Stage 2,
  • Useful cramming course enabling testing and understanding of subject matter.

    P. D. ASIS CPP Intensive 5,
  • Overall, extremely happy with the course – every aspect I found interesting and useful – thank you!

    C. J. Workplace Investigations and Interviewing,
  • A good course, plus a lot of information

    A. C. Security Management Stage 1,
  • Course material was essential to my job description and the facilitator was excellent

    R. B. Crime Prevention and Security Design,
  • Excellent course… opened my eyes to K&R

    M. H. Kidnap and Ransom Management,
  • The Security Management Stage 3 course is the best course that I have attended. Experienced instructors, good material and also experienced delegates, which meant that I could also learn a lot from them.

    A. M. Security Management Stage 3,
  • Trainers are ‘battle proven’, so are the methodologies that are taught. In my view, these are the key elements constituting the quality of the courses.

    The diversity of the participants in terms of background and culture is quite essential as well. The exchange of views between ‘administrative/juridical coherent-type’, ‘high risk operational-type’ and ‘value-for-money-type’ security approaches are maybe a secondary but also very real and important learning element of the ARC training courses.

    B. V. Security Surveying and Design,
  • The course is tailor made for security professionals who wish to have high-paced learning with global experience.

    C. P. Managing Security Risks in the Oil & Gas Sector,
  • I would be glad to continue meeting/communicate with ARC. I would like to add that the presenter was specific, articulate, committed and knowledgeable. Key to detail, high level presentation, clear and precise, very demonstrative. Very impressive indeed. We need this again and again.

    O. A. Security Management Stage 1,
  • This was an excellent course with an expert. ARC Training – please keep it up.

    J. M. Security Coordination and Management,